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Opening Ceremony of 2018 Fall Semester
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How time flies! September 2018 is here and it means the new semester is coming. Therefore, all students and teachers gathered together at GETCH to hold the opening ceremony of the first semester of the 2018-2019 School Year on September 11th.
The opening ceremony started at ten o¡¯clock in the morning and Brian hosted the event. In the beginning, Brian gave us a brief opening remark and introduced all the attendants with a warm welcome.
After the opening remark, Principal Li gave us a brief but vivid speech. From her speech, I learned something useful especially how to remember and cherish some important things in our life. With the help and encouragement of Principal Li, I believe all of us will be better and better.
Around 15 minutes later, it went on to the most exciting part that awarded some excellent students who did a good job last semester. The first prize was to award those students who were willing to help others during daily life. Those who received this award were Kenny Li, David He and Eva Liu. Then David represented all of them to give us a wonderful speech, telling us that helping others was the happiest thing in life and everyone should help each other. Indeed, helping others is helping ourselves and we all should keep this good virtue all the time. In addition, the second reward was to award some students who did well in participating in outside competitions or activitiies. It went to Christina He, Felix He and Benjamin Wu. Felix represented them to express his feeling of winning the award and he said that participating in the outside activity not only represented ourselves but most importantly represented GETCH. Therefore, we should have a sense of group honor. Last but not least, ¡°Fen Jin¡± scholarship went to Mark who did a really good job last semester. Meanwhile, Mark said that reading is good for refreshing our lives and broadening our horizons. We all agreed to this sentence and should form the good habit of reading. Congratulations to all of those who received an award.
After that, Brian gave us an inspirational closing remark and gave his best wishes for all the attendants. We strongly believe that we will make a great progress in the coming semester.

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