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  GETCH Spirit

The Spirit of GETCH consists of strong will, boldness, diligence and a positive attitude toward life.

¡ñ GETCH Seal
The GETCH Seal consists of two images, representing two former students supporting each other.  The image of the wheelchair user is a student from GETCH¡¯s first class (Grade ¡¯94) who was excluded from primary school but through self-study gained admission to GETCH.  The image of the individual using crutches is a student from GETCH¡¯s third class (Grade ¡¯96) , who after becoming disabled in a car accident, experienced social discrimination, but still persisted in the face of many obstacles to enter GETCH.
¡ñ GETCH Motto
GETCH expects students to ¡°build self-confidence, achieve self-worth, study with diligence, pursue excellence, and contribute to the nation¡±.

*Build Self-confidence and Achieve Self-worth
To build self-confidence and achieve Self-worth, GETCH students must form a broader perspective on society and understand that disability itself is not an obstacle to success.

*Study with Diligence, Pursue Excellence
GETCH students must maintain diligence in their study and pursue excellence in life, in order to gain standing and obtain opportunity in this increasingly competitive society.

*Contribute to the Nation
GETCH students must show courage to face and overcome barriers and discrimination and remove fear of developing their identity in today¡¯s society. In this way, they will lead the way to changing current circumstances for the disabled and realizing a more inclusive society for all.

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